2019 Grant Recipients

15 grants totaling $32,000 were awarded in February 2019.

$2,065.00 for Riflery Shooting Apparel

Barnesville Fire Department
$1,965.36 for Turn Out Gear

Barnesville First United Methodist Church
$2,100.00 for Ramps of Love

City of Barnesville Police Department
$1,295.00 for Automated External Defibrillator

Dolly Goodpuppy Society
$2,007.92 for Spay/Neuter

Gordon State College
$2,329.19 for Spark Mentoring

Lamar County 4-H Club
$2,851.25 for College and Career Readiness Exploration

Lamar County Elementary School
$2,811.09 for Slide of a Child

Lamar County Fire & Rescue
$2,389.43 for Particulate Hoods

Lamar County Health Department
$1,750.00 for Overcoming the Language Barrier

Lamar County Middle School
$2,007.92 for REACH Scholarship

Lamar County Parks and Recreation
$3,264.15 for New Catchers Equipment

Lamar County Senior Center
$1,204.75 for Furniture Renewal

Lamar County Soil & Water Conservation District
$1,958.93 for Wetland Trail Restoration and Preservation

Towaliga CASA, Inc.
$2,000 for CASA Training and Volunteer Mileage